Shipping Methods

We provide the following delivery methods:

  • COURIER – Deliver products at your preferred Address.
  • IN STORE – Pick-up your items from our Shop  add. El. Venizelou 190 Keratsini

COURIER - Deliver products at your preferred Address.
Please note that when you opt for delivery via courier at your preferred address your order will be shipped with our cooperated courier company. Shipping fees are automatically charged on your order. Delivery time from the moment your order is confirmed is up to two working days  
as long as the products are available . In case of unavailability of a product or it is abolished by the provider we will inform you as soon as possible .
IMPORTANT: Our company is responsible for the safety of  products shipped to your address, if you experience any loss or damages that may have occurred during transport please contact us to report the issue within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Shipping fees:

  • Free shipping for orders over 50 € for all Greece.
  • For orders above 50 € shipping fees are 3 €.
  • COD cash on delivery charges are 2 €.

Product deliveries are carried through our cooperation with ACS in the address you have provided during checkout in the delivery address fields.
Delivery time is usually between 1-2  business days from the time courier services pick up your order for shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in case your delivery address is considered “difficult to access” either geographically or distance wise, you are required to pick up your order from the nearest collection point of ACS.
In the event your address is considered “difficult to access” you will be notified by phone call on by email from [email protected].

Receive your order from our store There is no shipping charge for orders that are delivered to our store .Please call us first .

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